Fanchon Stinger

Fanchon Stinger

Board Chair and Executive Director

Throughout Fanchon’s life and television career, she has received many awards and accolades. She has also overcome numerous challenges and disappointments. What you see now in Fanchon is cultivated grace that comes from persevering through the grit of life and pressing forward with courage.

Her story of grit and grace has inspired her to share these valuable lessons with others, especially young ladies.

Fanchon’s love of animals and western life as a little girl led to her love for PBR. When she became a bull owner with her friends Chad Berger, and Daniel Brunner & Melissa Brunner, it was a dream come true! Grit & Grace Bulls: Stinger (named after Fanchon) and Lil Hott.

It was also the birth of Grit and Grace Girls, Ladies Who Lead and their historic alliance with the PBR.